LSC Vials


In addition to the wide range of LSC cocktails offered, Meridian Biotechnologies Ltd. supplies an extensive range of glass and  plastic vials. Glass and plastic vials are available in sizes ranging from 6mL up to 20mL. This maximum of 20 ml is fixed due to the dimensions of currently used photomultiplier tubes (1½ inch diameter). It is important to remember that when the cocktail + sample is added to the vial then the vial becomes an integral component of the counting process.


In the manufacture of glass vials,borosilicate (Pyrex) glass is preferred due to its lower content of Potassium as compared
with Soda-glass. Potassium (40K) is the largest contributor to
background in glass vials.


Glass is used because :

It provides unparalleled optical clarity (good visibility)

It is chemically inert, making it suitable for use when aggressive reagents or solvents are used.


For the production of plastic vials, polyethylene derived from
petrochemicals is preferred since the raw material contains minimal measurable background.


Plastic is used because :

It exhibits lower background levels than glass.

It is combustible and therefore easier for waste disposal.

It is shatterproof and therefore safer in the laboratory.


Plastic Vials are now available in Anti-Static format in 8 mL and 20 mL size.

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