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Meridian Biotechnologies presents the

Hitachi Aloka AccuFLEX LSC8000 liquid scintillation counter

AccuFLEX LSC-8000 ensures accuracy and flexibility for liquid scintillation measurement. Quantification is performed using a selectable 4000 channel MCA using optimised energy ranges.  Results in counts, CPM, DPM or Bq


LSC-8000 can be used with either 20 ml, 8 ml , 6 ml glass or plastic vials or micro tubes, with a 408 samples loading capacity in its racks based samples changer.


Quench correction is provided with External Standard Channel Ratio or Self Constant Channel Ratio methods.  Chemical Luminescence, Colour Quenching Correction, Alpha Beta separation and Anti-Static Function are optional


Data reliability is fully supported by a System Performance Evaluation, including History Review and Security locks, in a GLP mode, with 21 CFR Part 11 included as a standard feature


Compact unit with Windows® 7 based user friendly software and built-in PC with touch panel, colour LCD and outputs to LAN, USB, RS232C or printer


Sample capacity of 408 samples (in any format).  Additional sample racks may be added without disturbing counting


Single, dual and triple label assays


Automatic validation of performance


Full service support provided by Isotech Services Ltd


3 year warranty

For further information please contact:

Simon Temple on 07799 415166

Meridian office on 0208 397 8316

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