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Meridian Biotechnologies Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of Liquid Scintillation Counting cocktails, reagents and vials. Products feature traditional liquid scintillation cocktails such as Gold Star and Gold Star Quanta for general scintillation counting, Gold Star LT2  for low level counting and Gold Flow for flow scintillation counting.
We have recently added the newest generation ProSafe+ and ProFlow+ ranges that are based on alcohol ethoxylates. These are biodegradable, drain disposable cocktails, containing no NPE's. Also available are technique-specific products such as CarbonTrap and CarbonCount (sample oxidation); GoldiSol, AquiGest and hyamine hydroxide (sample solubilisation) and various niche-area scintillation cocktails such as StarGel, Pro-Scint Rn and RadonCount.
Glass and plastic LSC vials are available in sizes ranging from 6ml to 20ml and can be supplied with or without caps attached. Custom vial assembly is also possible.

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