Tissue Solubilisers

Tissue solubilisers are used to chemically digest solid tissue samples by converting them into a liquid form. Any radioactivity present is therefore released and can then be incorporated into an LSC cocktail for accurate measurement.


This is the newest generation of tissue solubilisers and offers a safer solution to the dilemma of solubilisation. It is based on iso-propyl alcohol (IPA) and does not contain either toluene or methanol found in equivalent competitive products



This tissue solubiliser is aqueous based and is therefore not classified as flammable or toxic.AquiGest can easily replace organic solvent based solubilisers for almost all tissue samples, providing equivalent and sometimes even faster solubilisation.
Hyamine hydroxide

This is available as a 1.0M solution in methanol and can be used for both tissue solubilisation and for trapping CO2 in expired breath.

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