TritiumCount is a pseudocumene based LSC cocktail that has been specifically developed to work in the Perkin Elmer Sample Oxidizer, the Zinsser Automatic Oxidizer, the Harvey Biological Sample Oxidizer and the Raddec Pyrolyzer.

TritiumCount is specially designed to accept water from sample oxidisers without foaming or gelling and produces a stable microemulsion suitable for LSC counting, irrespective of which instrument is used.

TritiumCount is capable of accepting up to 6.0 ml pure water

in 10.0 ml cocktail with exceptional Tritium counting efficiency.


This high voume water capacity, coupled with no foaming and high Tritium counting efficiency, makes TritiumCount ideal for use in any commercially available sample oxidizer.




TC10  TritiumCount           4 x 2.5 Lt       £336.00


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