Sample Oxidiser / Pyrolyser cocktails & reagents


In a Sample Oxidiser or a Pyrolyser the sample is combusted at >900°C in an oxygen-rich atmosphere. Any carbon-14 present is converted into 14CO2 and Tritium is converted into 3H2O. The 14CO2 is trapped in an amine and then a cocktail is added to make this solution suitable for LSC counting. The 3H2O is taken up in a
separate specialist cocktail.


This is a high capacity carbon dioxide absorber used to trap radioactive carbon dioxide produced in sample oxidisers and pyrolysers and will accept up to a maximum of 4.8mM CO2/ml.



This is the specialist cocktail for counting radioactive carbon dioxide captured in CarbonTrap.



This is the specialist cocktail for counting Tritium using a sample oxidizer


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