Pro-Scint Rn


Pro-Scint Rn is the cocktail of choice for the detection of radon in water and soil samples.Formulated in mineral oil, Pro-Scint Rn is safer to use,store and transport. Pro-Scint Rn is supplied in spun-wound aluminium containers to protect background integrity.


Pro-Scint Rn offers:-

High efficiency, providing the same accuracy as solid detectors for

Low volatility

High flash point (79°C/175°F)




PSRn1 Pro-Scint Rn (aluminium) 1 x 1 Lt £63.00

PSRn10 Pro-Scint Rn (aluminium) 4 x 2.5 Lt £368.00


Prices include delivery in the UK but not VAT.

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