ProSafe+ is an improved version of the original ProSafe and is also NPE-free. The solvent base has been changed from PXE to DIN and this has produced a cocktail with even higher Tritium efficiency, better sample holding capacities and a guaranteed compatibility with commercially available quench sets.

ProSafe+ has been tested under OECD 302B (Zahn Wellens / EMPA test) by an approved environmental testing laboratory. The results show that ProSafe+ undergoes a 100% organic carbon biodegradation.


ProSafe+ is:-


Suitable for use with dilute samples

Based on DIN (Flash point 147°C) and therefore safer

Formulated without NPE making it more environmentally friendly

Independent tests show ProSafe+ to be readily biodegradable

ProSafe can be drain disposed without contravening EEC and local regulations.




PS+ ProSafe+ 2 x 5 Lt £226.00 (5+ boxes £200.00 ea)


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