ProFlow+ LSC Cocktails



The ProFlow+ range of cocktails, like the ProSafe+ range, was developed to overcome the NPE issue. The ProFlow+ cocktails are intended for use in Flow Scintillation Counting and they have been formulated using alcohol ethoxylates. As such do not contain any NPE’s either as a base component or as a derivative component.The absence of NPE’s means that they are not in breach of EEC directive 2003/53/EC.


The ProFlow+ range consists of:


ProFlow G+

For general eluents and water/methanol & water/acetonitrile  gradients


ProFlow P+

For ammonium phosphate gradients used in inositol phosphate separations


The ProFlow+ range is safer, high flash point and NPE-free.

Suitable for use with ammonium phosphate gradients used in inositol phosphate work.

DPN based (Flash point 147°C) increases safety

NPE-free cocktail making it more environmentally friendly.

Biodegradable and can be drain disposed without contravening EEC and local regulations.



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