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TritiumCount is a pseudocumene based LSC cocktail that has been specifically developed to work in sample Oxidizers


Gold Star Quanta:


Very high Tritium efficiency (~55% unquenched) provides time saving when counting to statistical limits.

High sample capacity at 20°C offers the possibility of assay miniaturization.

Suitable for use with alkaline solubilisers provides method flexibility.

Low background contribution ensures lower LLD’s.

No diffusion through plastic vials guarantees stable and reproducible counting.


Anti Static Vials: 20 mL and 8 mL


Meridian Biotechnologies are pleased to announce the introduction of Anti Static Vials to the range of vials already available. The vials come in 20 mL and 8 mL versions


Flow Scintillation Cocktails - A new generation

Meridian Biotechnologies new generation of flow scintillation cocktails are explained on the Information on Scintillation Counting page

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Do's and Don'ts in Liquid Scintillation Counting

Meridian Biotechnologies have listed the information to ensure that ou have good reliable results

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