Star Gel forms a stable gel with only 2.0 to 2.4 ml of water per 10 ml Star Gel at 17° - 21°C.

Star Gel shows very low quench and gives counting efficiencies of ~94% for 14C and ~48% for 3H unquenched.

Star Gel shows a low background count rate of < 20 cpm in a 0 – 18.6keV window (3H).


Star Gel:


Forms a gel with minimum amount of added water, simplifying sample preparation.


Suitable for suspension counting of solids.


High counting efficiency & low background contribution gives better LLD's.


No diffusion through plastic vials ensures stable repeatable counting.


High flash point of ~ 140°C


Contains NPE’s and is thus not drain disposable in the EEC & Canada



SG05 Star Gel 1 x 5 Lt £184.00

SG10 Star Gel 2 x 5 Lt £315.00


Prices include delivery in the UK but not VAT.





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