Gold Star Quanta is a very high efficiency version of Gold Star.


Gold Star Quanta gives approximately 55% Tritium efficiency unquenched.


Gold Star Quanta works with most dilute aqueous samples and can accept up to 5.0 ml sample in 10.0 ml cocktail at 20°C.


Gold Star Quanta produces higher sample capacities increased at lower temperatures making it ideal for use with chilled LSC Counters.


Gold Star Quanta shows a low background count rate of < 20 cpm in a 0 – 18.6keV window.


Gold Star Quanta is suitable for use with all commonly used alkaline solubilisers.


Gold Star Quanta:


Very high Tritium efficiency (~55% unquenched) provides time saving when counting to statistical limits.


High sample capacity at 20°C offers the possibility of assay miniaturization.


Suitable for use with alkaline solubilisers provides method flexibility.


Low background contribution ensures lower LLD’s.


No diffusion through plastic vials guarantees stable and reproducible counting.


High flash point of ~ 140°C increases safety.


Biodegradable, but contains NPE’s and is thus not drain disposable in the EEC & Canada.




QSQ1 Gold Star Quanta 2 x 5 Lt £247.00 (5+ boxes £215.00 ea)


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