Gold Star LT2 is used to measure Low Tritium levels at Low Temperature.


Gold Star LT2 accepts up to 12 ml water in 10ml cocktail with Tritium counting efficiencies approaching 28%. At 10 ml water in 10 ml cocktail, using optimised windows and low level count mode, Gold Star LT2 provides MDA’s approaching 1.4 Bq/Lt.


Gold Star LT2 is used to determine low levels of Tritium in different water samples and provides a stable counting system for all loadings at temperatures down to 12°C.


Gold Star LT2 is packaged in 1 Lt and 2.5 Lt aluminium containers. This prevents potential contamination from airborne Tritium which can penetrate plastics. It also eliminates potential isotopic contamination from prolonged contact with glass bottles. Dispensers such as the Brand Dispensette III can be attached directly to these aluminium containers without the use of an adaptor.


GoldStar LT2:


Low background contribution ensures lower LLD's


High capacity for water samples maximises sample capacity


Stable at temperatures down to 12°C for sub-ambient counting


Compatible with urine samples encountered in bioassay work


Suitable for use with samples in mineral acids up to 4M makes itideal for alpha / beta counting


Packaged in aluminium containers to preserve background integrity


No diffusion through plastic vials ensures stable repeatable counting


High flash point of ~ 140°C increases safety




GSLT2/A Gold Star LT2 (aluminium) 4 x 2.5 Lt £340.00


Prices include delivery in the UK but not VAT.







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